Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Of PACs And Social Welfare

Taylor Marsh has gathered up a few Internet video ads by some of those new "Super PACs", and some by so-called "issue-oriented" organizations that don't qualify as political organizations, and then asks the logical question:

If 60 Plus, along with Rove and the Koch Bros’ groups, couldn’t use the “social welfare” label they’d have to disclose their donors, making a lot of very rich Republicans, Sheldon Adelson perhaps, a lot more squeamish about forking over tens of millions of dollars, because they’d be named. Anonymity is the linchpin leading to large amounts of cash, with “social welfare” the scrim behind which Rove, the Koch Bros., 60 Plus and other groups hide while acting very much like a political committee.

SPOTLIGHT: Karl Rove, Koch Bros., 60 Plus Hide Behind ‘Social Welfare’ Label While Targeting Democrats

See if you can tell the difference. I bet you can't.

I often wonder if democracy can recover from the Citizens United decision.


Paul Sunstone said...

I think it might take years and a mass movement of the people to rectify the Citizens United decision. I'm not sure such a movement is possible. I'm not optimistic.

Cujo359 said...

I don't see such a movement developing here in the next few years. There just aren't enough of us who are both sufficiently willing and able to start one.

I think what our rulers learned from the '60s is that if you keep the little people busy surviving, it's less likely they'll have the time to be an irritation.