Saturday, December 22, 2012

Late Update: The World Did Not End

Curious to see whether the world had ended today, I went out and discovered that it hadn't. Turns out the BPA Trail is still there. Panther Lake is looking pretty full, in fact:

Image credit: All photos taken and processed by Cujo359

The BPA's transmission lines were still there:

Birds were still flying:

And so was the Air Force:

The place that makes the closest thing to a real Philly cheese steak in this part of the country was still grilling them:

So, you're probably wondering, what about other worlds? Maybe some other celestial body's number was up today, right? The next nearest one looked like it was doing just fine, too:

So, yes, yet another prediction of disaster based on some numerical coincidence turned out to be untrue. Go figure.

If there's anyone who accidentally ended up here who is actually surprised that the world didn't end because the Mayan calendar ran out yesterday, please try this thought experiment the next time you hear the world will end because some ancient civilization didn't bother to make a calendar that went more than a few hundred years into their future:

Remember desk calendars? You know, those old pads of paper that had a sheet for each day of the year that all had clever things that Snoopy or Opus or B.C. said on each sheet? Remember how you tear one off at the end of the day and there's the next day's date on it? When you got to the one labeled "Dec. 31", did the world end? No, it didn't.

You went out and got another calendar!

Same thing here.

Glad we could clear that up.

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