Wednesday, February 28, 2007

And Still, We Wait

Image credit: National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Today's clock is a Chinese water tower. Apparently, these were all the rage in the 11th Century:

One of the most elaborate clock towers was built by Su Sung and his associates in 1088 CE. Su Sung's mechanism incorporated a water-driven escapement invented about 725 CE. The Su Sung clock tower, over 30 feet tall, possessed a bronze power-driven armillary sphere for observations, an automatically rotating celestial globe, and five front panels with doors that permitted the viewing of changing manikins which rang bells or gongs, and held tablets indicating the hour or other special times of the day.

NIST: Early Clocks

And I thought GPS was complicated ...

As of noon Eastern time (9:00 AM Pacific), there is still no verdict in the Libby case. emptywheel and Jane Hamsher are on Libby watch this morning at Firedoglake. Apparently, there's been a question from the jury, and the lawyers have been arguing about it all morning. According to Jane, it's something to do with the count having to do with the Cooper false statements charge, and it's settled now. Check in there for the latest news on the trial, and other diversions.

If you get tired of that, go read Eric Boehlert's article on The Washington Post's crush on right-wing bloggers. Because that "liberal media" meme just never gets old, know what I mean? Some jokes are like that. I really like the eye-poke one.



Love these time centered posts. I've had a burr under my saddle about Al Gore's Utility Bills.
So I decided to manufacture some outrage of my own ... See to today's post.

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