Friday, February 9, 2007

Why I Don't Have Cable

There are many reasons I don't have cable TV. I could probably afford it, but it's money I'd rather spend elsewhere. However, even if I was swimming in money, or had to push aside stacks of $1000 bills just to get into my kitchen each morning, I'm fairly sure I wouldn't want cable TV. There's only so much stupid I can tolerate at one time, and things like this just make cable TV the ceaseless expanse of wasteland it is today.

Colorado Bob apparently can't stand the pain any longer. He's asked his fellow bloggers to pass along this call to arms for cable TV watchers everywhere. I pass it along without further comment, except to say that this just reinforces my desire to never have cable TV in my house again.

Enough is Eough
Anna Nicole :

The Winston Churchill of "Reality" TV

MSNBC Contacts : Just click it'll open your email

You know what to say ... just don't use "No Bad Talk" as Stubbs used to say.
Write them and tell them to stop, please urge your readers to write them.

I'll refrain from doing this, since that seems a little like the Pope lecturing people about sex. Still, if you're actually a cable customer and you agree with Colorado Bob, you might be doing yourself a favor by writing.

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shoephone said...

I don't have cable either - partly for financial reasons, partly because I don't want to give myself one more reason to waste time watching more bad TV. I must say though, on a break from work today I watched Douglas Feith's head explode on CNN's Situation Room and it was worth the 15 minutes of hilarity!