Monday, February 12, 2007

Drumbeat For War

Looks like I caught a cold, so I'm at home reading the headlines. If bad news suppresses the immune system I may never recover...

As if we aren't involved in enough wars already, it's becoming quite clear that the Bush Administration intends to attack Iran soon. I can't even guess at their true motivations for doing this, because that's a world of insanity that I don't want to explore. Juan Cole provided some insights about why the latest charges by Washington don't add up. Josh Marshall provides some backup, and some more here.

Let's just say that having a press conference at which no one can be identified and no independent photographic evidence is allowed certainly tweaks my skepticism. Even at the best of times, intelligence reports come perilously close to being claims of special knowledge mixed with some appeal to authority, and these definitely are not the best of times.

Needless to say, the lightweights in Congress want to run and hide from this just like they are hiding from the Iraq War.

UPDATE: Thankfully, not everyone in Congress is bereft of a spine. Sen. John Kerry has started a petition drive advocating a deadline for withdrawing American troops from Iraq:

Yesterday I stood up with a remarkable group of Iraq war veterans who are speaking out because they believe the best way to support the troops is to change a course that squanders their lives. When brave patriots suffer and die because of the incompetence of mere politicians, the only patriotic choice is to demand change.

These veterans offered a profile in courage.

The Senate this week provided a profile in politics – Republicans blocking even a vote up or down, one way or another on a bi-partisan resolution opposing the Bush escalation.

This has to end.

Republicans refuse even to go on record over the Bush escalation. That’s why we need to escalate the pressure for a policy change.

That’s why I am introducing legislation that will set a firm deadline for the redeployment of most American troops from Iraq.

[emphasis mine]

Please sign the petition, and then write your Senators urging them to support this initiative. (h/t Taylor Marsh).

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