Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Good Sign?

Most of the results (99.44 percent) are in for the Pennsylvania primary, and here are the results as reported in the unofficial count on the PA Department of State's elections page:

CLINTON, HILLARY (DEM) 1,237,696 54.6%
OBAMA, BARACK (DEM) 1,029,672 45.4%

That's as of 11:00 AM PDT. So it looks like it will end up being a 9 percent margin of victory. That's not huge, but she beat the spread. This means nothing's decided yet, which isn't what some folks want to hear.

There was a good sign, though. In the 15th Congressional District, the vote totals looked like this:

15th Congressional District
Democratic Primary

BENNETT, SAM (DEM) 62,600 100.0%

Republican Primary

DENT, CHARLES W. (REP) 23,485 100.0%

Results are here. While neither candidate was opposed, and more Democratic voters could be expected to show up than Republican thanks to the fact that the Republicans had already decided their Presidential primary, this still strikes me as a hopeful sign. Out of a total of 86,000 votes, Democratic challenger (and Slobber and Spittle Blue candidate) Sam Bennett won almost 73 percent of the vote. Eighty-six thousand votes is quite a few votes for a congressional district even in a general election.

If I were in Charles Dent's campaign, I'd be concerned right now. This doesn't prove he's in trouble. I'd bet only half the folks who would have voted for him showed up for this election. This does show that it's not going to be easy for him, though.

You can help replace Dent by contributing to Sam Bennett through Slobber and Spittle Blue.

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