Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I'm Still "Resting", But ...

I'm still "resting" in much the same manner as The Doctor is resting here, but I'm honked off anyway thanks to this item at No Quarter:

This is breaking news. Well, it may breaking news to Howie Kurtz that he has an “unreliable source” feeding him false information. And that his unreliable source on CNN’s Reliable Sources, his 10 a.m. ET weekly Sunday show, was …

… none other than Howie Kurtz himself. Check out the April 6, 2008 CNN transcript of Reliable Sources, and the video of Kurtz who parroted unvetted media reports written before the story was fully checked out by his own Washington Post colleague Anne Kornblut and by No Quarter’s Big Kahuna.

Howie Kurtz’s Unreliable Source

Kurtz accused Hillary Clinton of making up a story about a woman and her baby who died because they couldn't afford preventive medical care, apparently without checking out if it was true. In any case, two days later he has not set the record straight.

That jackasses like Kurtz continue to have jobs on national news networks, while so many real journalists can't find work that pays the rent, is enough to honk off anyone. If you happen to be one of those people, I suggest reading SusanUnPC's article and then following the link she provides to Howie's e-mail page.

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