Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Keeping The Hamsters Turning

[Just what every blogger needs - a USB-powered hamster wheel from GoGoGadgets.co.uk.]

Whatever it is that powers the Internet these days needs to be fed, as do the folks who train the hamsters to put our words into readable columns and rows.

Over at American Street, Kevin Hayden is having a fund drive. It looks like the results have been discouraging:

After weighing how bored I am with political campaigns and how it’s become difficult to build traffic, no matter how many hours I spend readin’ & writin’, I’ve seriously considered pulling the plug, and doing something useful, like working at WalMart. Sure, it’s not as rewarding as volunteer hours at the Food Bank, but I note they still hire people in their dotage and provide a paycheck on time that won’t bounce.

Ass, Grass, or Cash

Now, that's discouragement. If one tenth of the people who read Kevin's blog contributed five dollars, he'd be set for the year. Instead, he's thinking of pulling the plug, and so soon after he won (yet another) Thinking Blogger award. Kevin's been a welcoming presence on the Internet, and in addition to his own wise voice, is giving several other folks a place to display their talents, as well.

So, if you read American Street and you want to keep reading it, please contribute.

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