Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another Pastor Has A Question

I don't quote Peterr, who writes sometimes at FireDogLake, very often. Religion's not my thing. He posed an interesting question to Senator McCain following the "Saddleback Civil Forum" hosted by Pastor Rick Warren, who is something of a celebrity, it seems:

According to the Gospels, Jesus was turned over to the occupying military authorities in Jerusalem and to their partners in the local religious establishment for a cash bounty paid out to one of his followers. Jesus was convicted in a kangaroo court proceeding where the judge admitted that there was no real evidence against him, he was tortured by his guards, and strung up to die in a media-driven spectacle, complete with crowds cheering for his death.

Here's the question, Senator McCain: How is it that with all these crimes committed against the one you call your savior, you can endorse the use of the same governmental tactics by our government that were employed against Jesus[?]

A Faith-Based Question for John McCain

Good question, I think. One of the lessons one can draw from this event, at least as it's described by Christ's followers, is that it's easy to pervert a system of justice that isn't based on rules of evidence and the right to one's person and possessions in the absence of such evidence.

Even if the story is only a parable, it's a good one. We're seeing the results right now.

UPATE: Corrected the name of the debate forum, and provided a better link. The old one was to a USA Today wrapup of the event.


Dana Hunter said...

That was a hell of a good question.

I'm going to have to start asking it. A lot.

Cujo359 said...

I'm not sure I'd be able to survive the subsequent long, senseless explanation of why the two things aren't anything like each other without gagging or barfing. I used to think I had a strong stomach - another illusion punctured by the Bush years.