Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bad News For Diane Benson

At this hour, with about 45 percent of the precincts reporting, here is the vote count for Alaska's At Large Congressional District:

Diane Benson13,21136.56
Ethan Berkowitz20,16655.80

As expected, the turnout was pretty small. Compare it to the turnout in Darcy Burner's race for an idea. Summer weather may be to blame there, as it was in Washington. There's also a party convention going on this week.

Neither this TV station nor any others I could find have made a projection yet, but the outcome seems predictable.

It seems unlikely that Diane will come back from this deficit. Thanks for trying, Diane, and congratulations to Ethan Berkowitz.

UPDATE: I neglected to create a link to the [un]official vote totals page. At this hour (1AM PDT), with 70 percent of precincts reporting, it's not looking any better.

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