Saturday, August 16, 2008

Update On Diane Benson

Slobber and Spittle Blue candidate Diane Benson sent out an e-mail on Wednesday requesting help with a TV ad she wants to show:

This ad is critical to our success.

Please help us fund this TV spot by making a contribution today. A $50 donation allows us to play the ad once and a $100 contribution gets the ad up during primetime hours. We need $10,000 to fully fund our buy and any contribution is a big help! You can make your donation at .

Of course, you can also contribute via Slobber And Spittle Blue.

Diane Benson is an original. She's a Klingit (one of the folks we used to call Eskimos) who's been deeply involved in her community much of her life. As I wrote a few months ago:

I've never met Diane Benson, but she sounds like an amazing person. She spent her twenties driving cement trucks during the Alaska Pipeline project. She has been a community organizer and volunteer for most of her adult life, and she's the mother of a wounded Iraq veteran. The link about her son is to a video of her telling the story of her son's recovery[.]

The Donna Edwards Of The North?

Diane's in a very tough primary race with a Rahm Emmanuel-style challenger who has been receiving lots of backing from the Democratic establishment. That alone is enough to make me want someone else to win, but there's another reason to support her.

All the candidates on Slobber And Spittle Blue have demonstrated through their actions that they are the kind of people who will go to Washington to work for us. They have taken progressive stands unpopular with Democratic leadership. They have motivations beyond just a vague "doing a better job" kind of posturing. While some may make me regret supporting them, most won't. They're good people, and they deserve our support.

So please give what you can today.

UPDATE: Clarified the kind of stands SnS Blue candidates have taken. I suppose one could say that the Blue Dog Democrats have taken unpopular stands, too.


Anonymous said...

Its spelled Tlingit, and you should really check out who you are going to promote. How important is it to YOU that Alaska go blue? For us in Alaska is is REALLY important, up and down the ticket. Diane has a great story and I have nothing personal against her, but she is not the best person for the job. Alaska has one person to speak for us, what progressive stands can you provide that Diane has sponsered or supported in the Alaska house? Senate? Where has she spoken out when not campaigning? What bills has she pushed thru? What reason do you have for promoting her besides her story? Really, our state deserves more in depth study than this! There are many local races that deserve LOTS of attention, with quotes from Republicans that will make your jaw drop..check Mike Kelly out, now there is a target and he has a great person running against him..hmm he might not meet your purity test, better let Mike Kelly win. Your turn.

Cujo359 said...

I'm sure your state deserves more in depth study - most do. I'm not from Alaska. What I'm trying to do is get good people into Congress, no matter where they're from.

Diane hasn't been a legislator. That's something true of many incoming congressmen.

What tells me that she's worth sending to Congress is her commitment to her community, and her sense of history. That commitment took a national turn when her son came back from Iraq wounded.

I'll just add that I get pretty impatient with folks who come by to complain that I'm not doing what they want me to do. I don't do this professionally, nor is it a way of promoting myself. If you want to bring attention to Mike Kelly, you can do it yourself. Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper, get involved with his opponent's campaign, or start your own blog.