Sunday, August 17, 2008

Two Additions And A Deletion

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Zip is here with a bit of blog business. First, I'm sad to announce that I'm removing The Next Hurrah from the blogroll. While it was an excellent blog for quite some time, its authors have all moved on. Emptywheel and Bmaz now blog at Emptywheel's FireDogLake site, and Mimikatz has moved somewhere else. Anyone who remembers where that is, please write it in the comments.

The two additions are Pissed Off Patricia's Morning Martini, and Taylor's site is actually a reinstatement, but I've been over there enough now for it to qualify as a "blog I read". POP's down-to-earth observations about politics are illustrated by her recent post "Cokie And Irony", a backhand to someone in the news business who ought to know better.

Enjoy the new additions.

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