Sunday, February 1, 2009

Football's Almost Over: 2009 Edition

In a little while, much of America will be glued to its television sets to watch the Super Bowl XLIII, which is, as I understand it, played to determine the championship of American professional football.

For those not familiar with the sport, here's how it works: two groups of unnaturally large and aggressive men push each other around for ninety minutes, rest for a little while, and then push each other around for another ninety before declaring a winner. If any manage to push their way to the other end of the field while in possesion of the ball, their team is awarded six points. If any manage to get close enough to kick the ball through the two vertical poles at the end of the field, their team is awarded three points. The team with the most points is the winner. There are some other rules of course, but no one seems to pay much attention to them.

If you have any money on the game, I'd recommend betting on the bigger guys.

If you're not into sports, (and who could blame you?) there's quite a selection of interesting stuff on the Tubez today. Dana has a great article about all those cracks in the Earth around Seattle, and what they're up to. Efrique has COTEB IX going at his place. And there are all those other Not Bad Day awardees to check out.

Oh, if you pass near the refrigerator, bring a beer, will you?


One Fly said...

Yea!!! If only both teams could lose that would make my day.

Cujo359 said...

I seem to be in the opposite position - sentimental reasons to root for both teams. Halftime show was great, though.

Dana Hunter said...

That description of football was the greatest ever. So true!

I have an addendum to your betting advice: if the Cardinals are involved, bet on the other team.

Cujo359 said...

If I'd have followed that advice when they played the Eagles, I would have lost money. There are statistical anomalies, you know. The last twelve months have had a few.