Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Catching Up With An Old Comment

A few days ago, Dana Hunter left this request at my article on Darwin Day:

Grate. More books to add to the already-enormous list... does anyone have a pic of an LOL cat getting hit by a tremendous stack of tomes? ;-)

Sadly, given that most English-speaking countries have laws against such things, we probably won't ever have such a picture. I can offer this though:

funny pictures of cats with captions
Image credit: I Can Has Cheezburger

Maybe what you need is a research assistant.


Dana Hunter said...

If it wasn't for that poor pathetic goldfish, I would've called this the perfect LOLcat photo. It's definitely right up in the top three.

Thankee kindly.

Cujo359 said...

It's a classic, that's for sure. You're welcome.