Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fuck Ed Rendell

Via Blue Texan, I found this video of Pennsylvania Governer Ed Rendell on the Rachel Maddow show yesterday:

Yes, the man says, get over it and vote for us. If you don't vote for us, you'll have Michelle Bachmann calling for investigations into Barack Obama and Daryl Issa will be "The Chairman". Other than calling progressives and others who have finally had enough of these clowns childish morons for not voting for them, I didn't hear a single point that would make anyone want to vote Democratic this fall.

I could once again point out the long list of the things that Democrats have failed to do, despite those being the things they promised to do if elected, and despite being the things we sent them there to do, but none of the people who resort to this sort of argument are going to bother to look. That's half the problem - the one group of people who actually will respond to this sort of stupid argument are progressives. I'm not going to any longer.

You see, I lived through the Bush Administration, and I remember what happened. If I don't, I can look at what I wrote for the first two years of this blog. Then, after Bush was out of office, I lived through another two years of the Bush Administration. Do you know why that is? It's because nothing of any importance changed. No recitation of a pathetic laundry list of things that are superficially different from what the Republicans have passed is going to change that. I've written about what hasn't changed, and what's changed for the worst. If you want to know what that is, just click on the keywords "economy", "Barack Obama", "Democrats", and "progressives", and start reading.

It's particularly instructive to remember that, to me, Ed Rendell is The Prince Of Fail for how he has allowed services in his state to dwindle rather than tax the rich some more. They have an income tax there, he could have found a way to do it. He hasn't done a thing for the poor and middle class in his state that would risk any of his political power. He has lots of company in that regard, but as far as I'm concerned, most of what's wrong with the Obama Administration's handling of the economy and its priorities is mirrored in Rendell's handling of Pennsylvania.

Here's what Ed Rendell, and every other pathetic little fuckwad who came up with this same argument fails to acknowledge - I'm not refusing to vote for Democratic incumbents because I'm having a tantrum. I'd vote for those clowns if I thought it would actually make the country better, despite what their thoughtless actions have cost me and just about everyone else I know. The problem is, it won't. The reason I won't vote for them is because they refuse to acknowledge the mistakes they've made, and they refuse to try to correct them. Instead, they insult their base. Frankly, I'm tired of trying to reason with them or their enablers.

So, fuck Ed Rendell right in his fat, atrophied ass, and fuck anyone who thinks like him, too. It's going to take a lot more than calling folks like me childish little ingrates for me to change my mind. In fact, what will change my mind is the one thing you'll never see from the arrogant bastards the Democrats send out to be their spokesmen these days. That something is an honest acknowledgement of how much they've fucked up in the last two years, and some honest effort at trying to change that.


One Fly said...

I hear every word Cujo and have said many of the same.

I hate to be so negative most of the time but nothing is going to change. Things are going to get worse.

And just how will you douche bag dims gonna feel if you lose the house and the crazy's do just what they say and they will.

And you bastards have not a done a thing in respect to that. I understand that you were told not to and you always mind.

We are so screwed.

Cujo359 said...

They wouldn't even stand up on tax cuts for the middle class and not for the wealthy, which would have been so easy to separate out that nearly everyone I read had figured out. Yet, they punted. It's like they want to lose.

So, I won't feel sorry for the morons. I feel sorry for us, because the Democrats and the GOP are our choices.