Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jon Stewart Reads Tim Kaine The News

Actually, Stewart is considerably less critical of the Democrats' performance than I would be, but he still manages to make DNC chair Tim Kaine sound oafish in responding:
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Kaine tried all the lame slogans Democrats have been using lately - we reformed health care (see NOTE 1), we've ceased combat operations in Iraq (see NOTE 2), we're doing so well managing the economy (they're not). Stewart pointed out to Kaine that they've now been in charge for two years (I'd have pointed out that they've been in charge of making laws and passing budgets for four), and they have little to show for it (I'd have said nothing worth mentioning). He even pulled out a key chain with a lame ass fear-mongering slogan on it: "Don't give them back the keys". This is what the Democrats reduced themselves to by not ever doing what ordinary Americans needed them to do, and put them in office to do.

As Just An Earthbound Misfit, I wrote in summing up this video, Stewart isn't buying the "they suck worse" argument.

No one with any sense would.

I couldn't even watch it all the way to the end. Kaine strikes me as one of those characters you sometimes see in TV shows and movies who want to be a huckster, but don't quite have what it takes. It's painful to watch people embarrass themselves like this. So, if he redeems himself in the last minute or so, let me know.

NOTE 1: In fairness, he almost managed to say something true in that defense - the Medicare "donut hole" is actually somewhat closed. The remaining items he ticked off are regulations that the government is not enforcing, because it has not and likely will not put sufficient enforcement resources in place.

NOTE 2: When soldiers there are still being killed the same way they were before, is that not combat? In that case, it seems to me that they haven't been in combat for years.

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