Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Almost Forgot ...

Oh, yes, it's that day, too. Here's a wonderful video that Lawguy found to remind us of what we're voting for today:

Yep, narcissistic sociopaths who want to be in charge. At least, that's what far too many seem to be these days. Still, if you don't vote, you don't get to choose the one who might conceivably do something on your behalf, or vote for one of the politicians who don't fit that description.

Meanwhile, you know the excuses and punditry about why the Democrats are losing is coming. Taylor Marsh put it in perspective today, I think:
The outcome of today’s elections will be about a lot of things, but it won’t be about Obama’s “overreach” as will be cited, or a vote against liberal policies in favor of conservative answers. It will be about political incompetence and the inability to craft legislation that actually works instead of conservative compromise that produces legislative mush on the altar of getting something done even if what it manifests doesn’t do the job.

People don’t care about liberal or conservative as much as they do about effectiveness. Democrats have always known the purpose of government and how to use it to its maximum effectiveness on the people’s behalf, especially when times are tough. So, if you want to talk about the epic fail being voted on today, this is it, because Pres. Obama simply doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Bright Spot Among Carnage
Except maybe for that last line. If you take as a given that President Obama is just a political grifter, then he might know exactly what he's doing. That's not a terribly reassuring thought, of course.

This election isn't about wanting the Republicans back in power. Any look at a poll on confidence in the two major parties would prove that. What it is about is that the Democrats screwed their base repeatedly and unapologetically, and then wondered why we weren't smiling after the experience. I wrote more than a year ago that what the Democrats needed to do was give people hope that things would get better, by making at least some changes that would help us. They resolutely refused to do that, and now they're paying the price.

That's what this day's results are about, regardless of what people who say shit like this will tell you.

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