Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Photo(s)

These are a few pictures I took last month in St. Edwards Park, in Kenmore, Washington. St. Edwards was once a seminary, but the land was donated to the state a few years ago. It's along the eastern shore of Lake Washington. Follow one of the trails to the beach, and you can see this view to the south:

Image credit: All photos by Cujo359

And this toward the north:

Since we arrived there in the late afternoon, the Sun made an interesting view toward the west:

There were a couple of crews out on the lake, practicing for the upcoming rowing season:

Another crew rowed past a little later:

As we got back near the parking lot, we saw the old seminary in the late afternoon sun.

Click on the pictures to enlarge. Have a good Sunday. If you live in America, don't forget to set your clocks back.

UPDATE: I neglected to mention that Dana Hunter has more photos of St. Edwards from that day, and some observations about the geology of the place.

I've corrected the term I used to refer to St. Edwards' former function. I'd identified it as a monastery, but it was actually a seminary. The Wikipedia link I added provides a brief history of the seminary.


Paul Sunstone said...

Looks from here like a pretty cool park!

I'm curious: Do you have any idea just how the monastery land came to be donated to the State?

Cujo359 said...

Not sure, really. It was owned by the Catholic Church (according to the park's website, it was a seminary). I suspect that, due to the decreased popularity of the priesthood as a profession, this place was a victim of downsizing.

Paul Sunstone said...

Cujo: "...due to the decreased popularity of the priesthood as a profession..."

Thanks, Cujo. I certainly hope the priesthood will continue to decrease in popularity.

Formerly T-Bear said...

Your pictures of Kenmore are splendid, they remind of a similar place in Ireland at the head of one of the bays in southwest Ireland, Kenmare Bay with the town of Kenmare: which gives its history and provenance. Google also has pictures of the town and surrounding areas (google Kenmare, Ireland). The has a short bit of film about the town and area.