Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's Thanksgiving Again

Imagine a big inflatable turkey Caption: The inflatable turkey who guards Redondo from evil doers on Thanksgiving Day. Or something...

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It's Thanksgiving again. Still, looking over the news the last few days, there doesn't seem to be a lot to be thankful for. Peterr tries to explain what this Thanksgiving is looking like to him:
One family in my son’s class was looking for a new home, and their realtor took them to a home offered as a short sale. “The bank is about to foreclose, unless the homeowners can sell it first,” the realtor told them. When the family arrived at the house, the sellers were still there, setting up for a garage sale, and out of the garage came another kid — another student in my son’s class.

That’s when economic carnage hits home — when one third grader realizes his/her classmate is being forced to move.

And yet, even in the midst of such national carnage — with no end in sight for most folks according to the Fed — there is still hope and reason for giving thanks.

Thoughts on Abraham Lincoln and the First Thanksgiving
That's about the size of it. Of course, the Democrats will insist we should have been thankful for all the good work they did for us, like screwing up health care even worse, and otherwise not doing a damn thing we sent them there to accomplish. And it's pretty clear that their supporters haven't learned their lesson. They still fear the Republicans will be much, much worse, when the plain fact is that when it comes to how they actually vote the only difference between them is that Democrats will eventually rouse themselves to keep the unemployment checks coming.

Nothing will change until progressives change. Progressives are all about voting against what they fear. When one side votes for what they want, and the other side votes against it, the latter will inevitably get what they fear anyway. Given human nature, the logic is both inescapable and obvious. People don't see this because they don't want to. In the end, they all got what they voted for. Until that changes somehow, nothing about our course as a nation will.

For now, though, fuck all that.

Whatever happens will happen. It's pretty clear that nothing I write is going to change all this, particularly today, so let's see some of the wonders that are out there...

Want to see some real turkeys? One Fly has a few at his place. Dana Hunter has some wildlife that lives near her place.

Imagine a cute little squirrel here
Speaking of wildlife, I caught this guy in my back yard a few days ago:

It's unlikely we'll see him today. It's still cold here, and any wildlife that can is going to be holed up in some warm burrow right now.

Speaking of which, things to do, places to see. Try to have a good Thanksgiving, or a good Thursday, whichever applies.

UPDATE: One thing I suppose we can be thankful for is that there are still people in this country who recognize our craziness for what it is, and some of them have a wicked sense of humor, Noting the similarity between the photo of the oft-shown photo of the underpants bomb and our national seal, Chris Martinez writes:
I then realized that it was my singular mission at this hour, at this moment, at this turning-point in history, to carry forth to my countrymen the divine providence I had been sent from the shimmering neo-seas of digital cable TV and the racing, hot solar wind of countless hyperventilating news sites: our mighty Bald Eagle is no more. In its place, our new national symbol: the terrible Underpants Eagle.

Mighty Underpants Eagle! May you forever cause us to soil our own underpants in wincing, national panic at the mere mention or thought of your name!

Mighty Underpants Eagle: Our New National Symbol
Happy Thanksgiving, and whatever it is you're afraid of, don't forget to be afraid of it.

UPDATE 2: Here I am, in cat form:

funny pictures-Wut  U means...VEGAN Tanksgibbin.???
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Whatever you're having, enjoy.

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