Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On The Day I Was Born...

On the day I was born
The nurses all gathered 'round
And they gazed in wide wonder
At the joy they had found
The head nurse spoke up
Said "leave this one alone"
She could tell right away
That I was bad to the bone.

Lyrics: "Bad To The Bone"
Image credit: Screenshot from this George Thorogood video by Cujo359

So, does anyone think that the White House's release today of the President's "long form" birth certificate is going to settle the argument about whether he was born in America? Go ahead, raise your hands. Good, now keep them up, because the next question is "Who here has no idea how conspiracy mongering works?"

You see, the next step in the conspiracy mongering process is to start asking loaded questions about the new evidence.
  • What does the President have to hide? Check
  • The document simply must be a fake. Look how long they took to release it. Check
  • It's all a big conspiracy on the part of Obama, the state of Hawaii, and the military-industrial complex. Check
  • There are still all those unanswered questions. Check
Caption: Hey, what's that guy trying to pull? This isn't a real long form birth certificate! It's a photocopy! And who puts screenshots into JPEG format? Everyone knows that screenshots only really come in PNG. It's a fake. It's a double fake!!!

Image credit: Screenshot of White House PDF of the alleged long form birth certificate allegedly taken by Cujo359

Which leads to the title of this article. You can bet now that there will be various "concerned" people looking up the medical and clerical staff, asking them if they remember anything about that day. I'm just imagining some hospital staffer commenting, a bit like the nurses surrounding George Thorogood's mythical baby self, that she knew he'd be a bad one.

Or something like that.

(h/t to commenter Ramsgate for two of the items on that checklist.)


James Ala said...

Sigh, you are so correct. There will be no end to the CT that Obama is foreign born. This is not real, this is blind faith. It is like trying to kill a cockroach infestation with a flyswatter, an ultimately pointless exercise.

Cujo359 said...

Yep. Just like every other one. Sometimes people are suckered into them by not knowing enough, but usually they are motivated to believe them. That motivation makes it very unlikely they'll ever change their minds.