Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Photo(s)

Quite some time ago, I promised that I would have more pictures of the Seattle Aquarium up soon. Well, maybe some day. Meanwhile, these are some pictures I took of Seattle's Elliot Bay after seeing the aquarium. This is a water fountain just to the south of the aquarium:

Image credit: All images by Cujo359

This the Seattle skyline from the next pier south:

and this is the container port near the Duwamish Waterway:

Art, buildings, and post-industrial transportation - what could be better?

Click on the pictures to enlarge. Have a good Sunday.


Suzanne said...

gorgeous cujo -- thank you

One Fly said...

the skyline foto is impressive!!

Cujo359 said...

Thanks, Suzanne.

I love how modern glass buildings reflect the clouds, One Fly. It makes photographs of them with this sort of sky really interesting.