Thursday, May 26, 2011

Obscure Blogger Feature Of The Day

How do you get to your blogging dashboard in Blogger? The way I've been doing it these last few years was to click on "New Post", then click on the "Dashboard" link when the new article form came up. It turns out there's an easier way:

Image credit: Screenshot and alterations by Cujo359

Just click on the little Blogger logo, helpfully pointed out by the big, crude black arrow, and you will either be taken to:
  • The login screen, if you're not logged in
  • The dashboard, if you are
Once you know the secret, of course, it's easy.

How long have I been doing this, four years? Eventually I'll get the hang of it, I suppose.

Anyway, I pass this on in the hopes that it will save someone else years of extra effort.


Suzanne said...

egad, i never knew this either and i've been doing it the long way since 06.

thanks for the shortcut cujo

Bustednuckles said...

Christ, me too!
Especially since I spent a half an hour trying to get to the dashboard the other day when Blogger was buggered.
Face palm.

Cujo359 said...

Thanks, guys. Now I don't feel quite so silly.

lawguy said...

Me too. Every time I get to thinking that I've got this computer thingy down, I am reminded that I came of age well before computers.

Cujo359 said...

In my case, lawguy, the sad part is that I should have known better. My career was spent designing software and networking computers together. I know most of this stuff down to the bits and bytes level. Even so, this hadn't occurred to me.

The upside of that oversight, though, is that I was annoyed enough to share the "secret" with others.