Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yet Another Sign Of The Fall, Republican Debate Edition

Caption: Ron Paul: Crazy as an outhouse rat, yet not half as crazy as every other potential candidate for President in 2012.

Image credit: Screenshot of The Daily Show broadcast by Cujo359

Here's another example of how screwed this country is...

Ron Paul is, by most measures I'd want to apply to human beings of his intellectual capacity, nuts. He thinks there is a war on Christmas. He thinks that we have a looming crisis due to "anchor babies". Oh, and that link goes on to say that the idea that the Founders thought church and state should be separate is just silly. He thinks the census is "invasive" for reasons I can't quite figure out. I'm as private as it gets without living in a shack in the mountains, and I didn't have a problem with it. Let's not even mention his views on the Civil War.

Put Ron Paul in a group of ordinary people, and he'd stand out like a bright red megawatt beacon of pure crazy. He'd be the guy who always wants to tell you about his latest bright idea to solve the world's problems, and when you explain why he hasn't thought through that idea terribly well, is ready to believe you're out to make the world a living hell. He'd be the one you don't want to start talking to, because you know you'll never get to talk about anything that interests you or anyone else who isn't off his rocker.

Yet put him in a crowd of American Presidential candidates, and he sounds like the only guy in the room who is taking his medication.

Here are a few quotes from the Republican Presidential debate the other night. On Afghanistan:
[Bin Laden] wasn't caught in Afghanistan. Nation-building in Afghanistan and telling those people how to live and getting involved in running their country hardly had anything to do with finding the information where he was being held in a country that we give billions of dollars of foreign aid to, at the same time we are bombing that country.

So it's the policy that is at fault. Not having the troops in Afghanistan wouldn't have hurt. We went to Afghanistan to get him, and he hasn't been there. Now that he's killed, boy, it is a wonderful time for this country now to reassess it, get the troops out of Afghanistan and end that war that hasn't helped us and hasn't helped anybody in the Middle East.

Ron Paul's Call For Afghanistan Withdrawal Draws Cheers At Fox News GOP Debate
On the "War On Drugs":
What you're inferring is, you know what, if we legalize heroin tomorrow everybody's going to use heroin. How many people here would use heroin if it were legal. I bet nobody would put their hand - oh, yeah, I need the government to take care of me. I don't want to use heroin, so I need these laws.

Already? GOP Kicks Off Presidential Debates (Transcript)
On torture and prisons:
We do not need secret prisons, nor do we need the torture that goes on a secret military prison.

Daily Show May 9, 2011 (about 6:20)
Sadly, right now he'd sound like the sane person in a field of likely Democratic Presidential candidates, too, assuming that they didn't already know who their candidate was going to be. The Democrats have been in power for more than two years now, and haven't done anything but perpetuate these follies.

That's why we're screwed - it's the crazy guy who makes the most sense. Everyone else makes no sense at all.

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