Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Photos

One month into Major League Baseball's season, things are pretty much as I expected. The Philadelphia Phillies are in first place in their division, and the Seattle Mariners are last in theirs. While it's possible the Phillies won't end up in the spot they're in now, the same can't be said of the Mariners.

To celebrate the fact that I can't watch either team on TV, here's a picture of a municipal ball field in Bothell, Washington, near the North Creek watershed:
Image credit: Photos by Cujo359

And just to prove that not everything is about sports in Bothell, here's a panorama of the North Creek Station of the Stillwater Water project, still under construction:

Click on the photos to enlarge. Have a good Sunday.

UPDATE (May 3): Welcome to readers. There are more photos of the North Creek area here, and more pictures of municipal ballfields here and here.

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