Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Apparently, A Bit Of Exposition Is Required

Caption: A spam production line. It's been too efficient lately. ;-) Image credit HaYnCaNdi808 (See NOTE here for the standard disclaimer).

I'm away for a couple of days and someone spams my blog. No matter, it's gone now. The only reason I am bringing this up, though, is to make something clear about the comments policy that is perhaps not. A comment with a URL in it that isn't relevant to the discussion, which is an advertisement of some sort, is spam. It doesn't matter whether the comment itself is relevant or not. Like all spam, such comments will simply disappear.

If you have such a link in a signature block or some such that is automatically added to any comment you make, remember to remove it if you comment here.

As with all spam comments, there will be no discussion. My spam policies haven't changed, but I'm even less inclined to discuss things with people who are determined to remain morons than I was a few days ago. If you lost a comment because you forgot to remove the spam, re-submit it without the spam.

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