Saturday, September 17, 2011

Help Save The New Deal

I'm not a big one for online petitions these days. They are nearly as easy to ignore as they are to sign. Still, this one has a message that I think both the President and Congress need to hear loud and clear:
Mr. President,

There’s no good reason to cut Social Security. Period. We’ve already been paying for it our entire working lives – and it doesn’t add a penny to the deficit. And touching Medicare and Medicaid, the safety net for our parents, grandparents, the working poor and people with disabilities? Inexcusable.

I am counting on you to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid from cuts by the Super Congress. Stand for me – and I’ll stand for you.

[your name here]

Obama: Take The New Deal #OffTheTable
So, go on over and sign, assuming you agree. I don't know if it will do any good, but other people are doing far more this weekend to try to save the New Deal. Seems like this is an effort worth making for that reason alone.

Here's there expository video:

In case you're wondering, I don't quite agree with the last sentence. There are a few other things they need to do before I'll support them. It's not a sufficient condition, but it's a necessary one.

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