Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quote Of The Day

Brendan, from Suburban Guerrilla, responding to an e-mail he received from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) on contributing to the campaign of a career machine politician to replace Anthony Weiner in a special election:
I remind you, Joe, 56% of Weiner’s constituents wanted him to STAY ON. You didn’t listen, and now you are scrambling to save what was a safe seat and you are hoping to play progressives and democrats like me for a bunch of suckers.

This is YOUR baby, guys. You’re the ones who threw out Mr. Weiner and replaced him with a quiet, wonky, personality-free, machine politician. But you want people like me, struggling to keep my head above water while unemployed in the shittiest job market in years, to contribute a couple of bucks to what’s clearly a losing campaign.

Tough shit. Dig yourself out of your own hole, genius. Please share with the other Mensa members down at 430 S. Capitol Street, S.E.

The DCCC Sends Me a Letter
As I noted at the time, the outrage of the Democrats' congressional "leadership" at the personal foibles of their caucus's members is remarkably selective. It's exclusively directed toward people who, for one reason or another, have become political opponents or rivals. They have all, as far as I can tell, been more progressive than the average congressional Democrat. Does anyone think that these are the only people who have personal foibles that make them a potential source of embarrassment or a disruptive presence at the office?

In effect, Joe Crowley, the DCCC's financial chair, is asking progressives to finance the Democratic "leadership"'s purges of progressives.

Since I no longer receive e-mails from this list, I miss out on things like this occasionally, but I suspect my bile level is lower as a result. It's better to find out things this way, accompanied by a response that clearly notes the irony.

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