Wednesday, September 21, 2011

No Kidding, Sherlock

As Lambert noted, gee, no kidding:
[Ron Suskind's new book Confidence Men] certainly does clear up any thought we might have had about whether or not the president is a real fiscal conservative or whether he was just flogging this deficit obsession for political effect. He's a true believer. And we know this because of his reliance on other deficit hawks and because when the political bloodbath the jobless recovery had predicted came true, his first move was to validate the Republicans' manufactured narrative about what had motivated their voters and launch his program of budget cuts and deficit reduction.

True Believer
Digby isn't on the blogroll here, and probably never will be. What in the world for? I saw this back in early 2009, as did quite a few other people. All we did was note the obvious fact that all Obama's advisors were of the "free market" Chicago School theology, and that his economic policies were of the "free market" Chicago School theology. Yet what the Obama lovers came up with in response was "haters gonna hate", assuming it was even that intellectual.

At least Digby is smart enough to figure things out when she's hit in the face with them. It's pretty clear that quite a few of Obama's supporters aren't. That's religion for you.

Oh, and I love that the title of Suskind's new book is Confidence Men. Why? Oh, no reason. Being ahead of the crowd isn't quite the advantage you might think.

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