Thursday, February 2, 2012

At Least It's Sunny

Yes, no posting for the last few days. I've been busy doing things not related to politics, and I'm rather glad, to tell the truth. Politics is a depressing subject, full as it is of people who don't want to learn from their past mistakes and yet perfectly willing to blame everyone else for them.

I've been working on trying to find a new Linux distribution to replace the one I've been using. Unfortunately, all of the software projects these projects depend on, including Linux itself, seem to be determined to make everything slower, less reliable, and more difficult to use. The user interface people seem determined to make everything work like on iPhone, which is a dreadful choice if you're used to being able to see what you're computer is doing. Before too long, if things keep going as they are, the average Linux distribution will be as clunky and useless as Windows.

So no real joy there, either.

At least it's gotten sunnier here in the Northwest. I took this photo yesterday while I was out and about yesterday:
Image credit: Photo by Cujo359

There you are - proof of life, with photo.

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