Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Photo(s)

It's the beginning of February. While in some years you can already see hints of spring up here in the Pacific Northwest, most years it's still dull and dreary. Once in a great while, the Sun makes itself visible for a few hours, but most of us are working when it does. This time of year, any hint of sun is something of a break. In that spirit, I'm going to publish a few more sunny panoramas from years past in the Southwest.

Continuing with our theme last week, here's one more picture from the El Paso region, although this one is from Carlsbad Caverns, in New Mexico:

Image credit: All images by Cujo359

As I recall, that was looking toward the southeast, but I'm certainly prepared to be corrected on that.

On the way there from El Paso, you'll pass this mountain:

It's El Capitan, in a photo I recycled from an article on the El Paso Salt War. It has to be one of the more recognizable peaks on the planet.

This one is from Arizona, at the Sunset Point rest stop on the stretch of I-17 somewhere Phoenix and Flagstaff. The view is looking west toward the Bradshaw Mountains:

(Thanks to Dana Hunter for reminding me of the name of the rest stop.)

This is another panorama from Meteor Crater, in Arizona. It shows what's outside the crater, looking more-or-less toward the east. Near the center is the road that leads to the crater:

If you recall from a past article, I mentioned that these regions are part of the America's basin and range country. In much of the Southwest, you can get an incredible view from a high point on a ridge, sometimes for a hundred miles or so. I think these photos, and some from last Sunday certainly illustrate that pretty well.

Finally, a recycled picture from Meteor Crater. This is of the crater itself, with lots of blue sky overhead:

Well, that's enough sun for now. Click on the pictures to enlarge. Enjoy celebrating the end of football season if you're inclined to, and have a good Sunday.

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