Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Holiday Tradition

It's that time of year, when traditionally all those established progressive blogs beg for money so they can keep going for another year. This year is no different, but I thought I'd highlight one that both needs and deserves progressives' help, Corrente. As DC Blogger noted today:
If we are to take our country back we need a place to discuss what is being done and what needs to be done. lambert, at enormous personal cost, both in terms of money and opportunity cost, has built a public square where that discussion can take place. He has created a public square where everyone is a front pager; a place where each of us can post about those things we know and care about, thus creating a treasure trove of expert commentary. But there is a limit to what sweat equity can do for our movement. lambert needs your help, please donate.

Help lambert help the rest of us save America

In contrast to quite a few blogs I could link, Corrente has never had a policy of not telling people the stuff they shouldn't hear about. They have always been honest. In America, at least, the price of honesty is that you're on your own. You don't get the big corporate contracts or the big advertising dollars, and relatively few people visit you because they might read something upsetting or unpleasant.

Instead, to keep the lights on, you're forced to write things like this:

Corrente is not part of any political tribe or faction. That makes us unusually dependent on contributions from individual readers. Won’t you help?

Help the hamsters with their winter heating bill ...

… as they power the wheels that turn the servers at The Mighty Corrente Building. Please, won’t you help them keep their cages shiny?

To which all I can say is, Dude, fusion power! It's what powers the Cujo Labs (tm). Much less trouble than hamsters, who are always demanding lettuce or fresh kibble or clean cages. We stopped using them ages ago. All you need is lots of sea water and a big magnetic field. Once Reactor Seven is online, we'll have all the backup power we need, and maybe I can turn off Reactor Five and get the furniture unstuck from the ceiling.

So, if you can help out, please consider going over there and contributing. If you can't help out, go over anyway, and say hi.

UPDATE/Afterword: I figured that I could put the extra notice (thanks, Tengrain!) this blog was receiving today to good use.

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