Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fiscal Cliffs And Reality

This week's Moyers & Company features economics bloggers Bruce Bartlett and Yves Smith. I've embedded the video here:

Watch it to find out:

  • Why the so-called "fiscal cliff" is a whole lot of nothing masquerading as a crisis.
  • Why I will never vote for a Democratic Party candidate who has the values Barack Obama does.
  • Why I spend so much time trying to dispel progressive nonsense, even though I'm a progressive, and should thus be spending time criticizing and demonizing conservatives.

That latter point is made by Bruce Bartlett with this quote from the show:

BRUCE BARTLETT: There was a poll just the other day that you probably saw. Something like half of all Republicans believe that the 2012 election was stolen for Obama by a group called ACORN, which was-- which went out of business several years ago. It doesn't even exist. I mean, they just believe these conspiracy theories. And they circulate without barrier, because nobody will say anything to disagree with it. And if you hear the same propaganda over and over and over again, eventually you're going to start to believe it.

Transcript: Fiscal Cliffs and Fiscal Realities
[Go to that quote link to see the high definition version of the show, if you'd prefer. At either location, those who disable Javascript must allow it for the and domains at a minimum.]

ACORN folded its tents back in 2010, after Democrats joined Republicans in passing a nonsensical bill to deprive it of funds for crimes it didn't even commit.

Bartlett is correct in saying that conservatism these days is a big echo chamber. So is progressivism, though to a lesser extent, I think. It's always a great applause line to talk about how awful the other guys are. Talking about how foolish or awful your own side can be is going to get you ignored at best, and ostracized at worst, if you make the mistake of doing it somewhere like Daily Kos. Yet, it's at least as important, because considered self-criticism leads to self-correction. Without criticism, correction doesn't happen. No one on the conservative side tells people that ACORN is gone. It's far too convenient a bogey man, even when it's gone. People who insist that you don't say things that will upset the readers are people who want you to persist in error.

Right or wrong, that won't happen here.

As for the "fiscal cliff", yes, it's a sham. I haven't written about it much because, quite frankly, no one is listening. The Democrats are promoting this fantasy as much as the Republicans are, and I'm tired of making the point that there's no difference between them. There's no difference between them. They're lying. Democrats will continue to lie to you until you stop voting for them, and maybe even after, but certainly not until. If you think voting for them makes you the adult in the room, you're part of the problem, and if you ever get over yourself, you'll be able to figure out on your own why it's a sham.

Enjoy the video. Consider it your Saturday Entertainment.


One Fly said...

And in that same vain - until the people understand that the loved ones of the innocents we kill as a nation feel the very same emotions as we do,our country can never move forward as a society.

Cujo359 said...

I feel compelled to make that point rather often, One Fly. I suppose when a society considers itself exceptional, its members must assume that everyone else is different in some fundamental way.