Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Photo(s)

Since I needed to get out of the house today, there wasn't much time to put up the photos I'd intended to - all the airplanes I photographed after the world supposedly ended. Hopefully, I'll do that next week. Meantime, I was out at Redondo, Washington again today. I like seeing Puget Sound when it's cloudy and a bit stormy. It's rather picturesque, and there aren't as many people. Here's how the fishing pier looked today:

Image credit: All photos taken and processed by Cujo359

I'd noticed this statue on the top of the MAST building before, but couldn't tell what it was:

This time, though, I had a zoom lens worthy of the name. Here's a closeup from that photo:

Apparently, it's an owl. I suppose they were hoping this big owl statue would scare the seagulls away. Seagulls are a constant presence in the area. Speaking of gulls, I noticed one gliding along the boardwalk today, just to the left of the railing of this picture (no, the gull isn't in it, I didn't have the camera out at that moment):

Curious, I stuck my hand out over the water, just over the railing. Sure enough, there was an updraft. Crafty little buggers. Not only do they know where to find a free meal, they know how to avoid working too hard for it, too.

On the subject of zooms, here's a wide shot of Des Moines:

On the left of that photo is the Des Moines Marina. This shot is a zoomed image of it:

From several miles away, you can make out cars on the hill above the marina.

As luck would have it, a Hapag Lloyd container ship was sailing past just as I arrived. This the usual schedule - I seem to get there after a ship has almost sailed past:

Still, it wasn't a good day to be photographing a ship on the other side of the Sound. With all the mist, this is about as good an image as I could manage:

Still better than the old camera could manage, so I guess I'll be keeping this one.

Click on the pictures to enlarge. Hope you had a good Sunday.


One Fly said...

Overcast and grey sucks when it comes to taking pictures.

Happy Holidays Cujo!!

Cujo359 said...

One thing I noticed here is that the pictures I took toward the east tended to come out better than the ones toward the west (such as the ones of the ship). Apparently, when you're in these conditions, pointing the camera away from the Sun makes for better pictures.

Happy Holidays, One Fly.

David Evans said...

My distant ship pictures often come out with that same look. I think some of it is because the camera chose an ISO of 800. That was the right choice for such dull weather, but if you're shooting in sunlight you might want to set the ISO at 100 or 200.

Cujo359 said...

Yes, true. This camera does have some problems with ISO levels beyond 200 (as do many), and that ship image looks like it has some extremish ISO noise.

Sadly, I let the camera choose ISO modes automatically when I took these photos. I'll have to remember to watch that in the future in conditions like this.