Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bizarre Headline Of The Day

Irony can be both cruel and painful sometimes:

NRA instructor Eugene Kenny would have joined his fellow gun-rights supporters at the state Capitol Wednesday—if he hadn’t accidentally shot himself in the foot.


Kenny, a 49-year-old licensed National Rifle Association instructor who leads training classes in pistol and rifle use, delivered his arguments in the front foyer of the two-family Edgewood Avenue house where he rents an upstairs apartment in the Edgewood neighborhood.

Despite Mishaps, NRA Instructor Blasts Bills

I sometimes wonder if anyone on Eugene Kenny's side of this debate even has a sense of irony. The guy is a living reminder of how dangerous firearms are to the people who own them. Yes, I'm sure none of the provisions of the law he was arguing against would have spared him that round through his foot, but when people fight this hard to be able to keep dangerous things in their houses with no more restrictions, it does make you wonder just what, if anything, is on their minds.

(h/t Joshua Holland.)


Expat said...

Shouldn't this come with Schadenfreude Warning as well?

will try again

Cujo359 said...

My schadenfreude is a bit more targeted, usually. This guy just sounds like a moron, not someone who has deliberately done things that he knows will harm people.

Others, of course, might see things differently...

Expat said...

My Bad. Brevity misleading again. Try:
Warning! No Schadenfreude Here, Keep Moving!
mishaps happen