Friday, April 12, 2013

Mt. Rainier In The Sunshine

Haven't felt much like writing lately, as you might have guessed. By way of apology, here's a photo of Mt. Rainier on one of those extremely rare clear spring days:

Image credit: Cujo359

It's been a crappy day, both in the news and otherwise. I'm sure there are plenty of folks who want to tell you about that, but today I'm not one of them.

Click on the picture to enlarge. Have a good weekend.


One Fly said...

You got nothing to say - I've been sick for three weeks. It's really getting to be old shit.

Cujo359 said...

Wondered what was happening. Is it the water?

One Fly said...

I don't know but it sure as hell is getting old. It is better. My bike is in Pueblo and I'm going there just now and will do an extended smooth surface ride I hope. Tomorrow if it's still nice I walk 18 just because I need exercise. In CR was walking 3-6 a day and it's like it never happened now. I miss the sun being out on a daily basis.