Friday, April 19, 2013

Cartoon Of The Day

Well, it appears that maybe Blogger/Blogspot/Google got over the problem of earlier today. Let's test that, shall we? Here's a wonderful cartoon that captures perfectly our government's current relationship to torture, and to treaties we've signed that say we aren't going to torture people (see NOTE 1)

Image credit: Kade Crockford/(via Glenn Greenwald) (NOTE 2)

NOTE 1: In addition to that treaty, we signed the Geneva Convention of 1949, which among many other things says we won't mistreat our prisoners.

NOTE 2: I don't have an attribution link, nor am I sure what the copyright status is, so I'm trying to check both. As sometimes happens, this could disappear soon. Perhaps what I should take from Blogger's software issues with images is that they're kinda tricky.

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