Wednesday, June 16, 2010

At Least He Wasn't Stroking A Cat

I think Barack Obama lost a fanboy yesterday:

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Jon Stewart was one of the smart ones. Yet it took a year and a half, with many people out here in the "crazysphere" warning that this was happening, before he caught on. For quite some time, as Glenn Greenwald noted, the fanboys were accusing us of being in too much of a hurry to see all those progressive goodies under the tree. In reality, we just wanted Obama to accomplish less harm than good. Even on that very modest basis, his Administration has so far been a dismal failure.

I wonder how long it will be before some of the other fanboys come around.

What's with the title? Watch the video and it will become clear.


One Fly said...

Obama will do what he's told to do.

Kucinich got told as will Grayson eventually.

A cabal of the most wealthy powerful and evil are and have been calling the shots for some time and it's not going to change but get worse I swear.

Cujo359 said...

One of the things history can teach us is that these lords, like the ones in King John's time, often are working at odds with each other. The finance industry has far too much influence on governments right now, but they should be countered by other businesses, which either need what financial firms offer, or need things to work differently than they work when they're to the benefit of the financials.

All that isn't to say you're wrong. You're certainly not entirely wrong, but reality is often more complicated than we think it is. That complexity may work to our benefit.

Suzanne said...

what was that nixon era line... when ya lost the late night hosts, you are toast.

he got racked over the coals, and deservedly so by jon. and tonight, rachel maddow gave the speech we all wish bo wudda given.

sometimes i wonder if he is trying to piss off his base on purpose.

Cujo359 said...

As I remember it, the line was that when Nixon lost Johnny Carson, he was toast. Carson was rather conservative, at least as entertainers go, and his humor was influential.

I doubt Obama is deliberately trying to piss off his base, because there doesn't seem to be any benefit that would make it worth the effort. My guess is that he just doesn't care, knowing that a significant portion of progressives will go along with what he does and says no matter what.

Sadly, I think he'll be correct in that assessment, at least through 2012. If it took someone as bright as Jon Stewart this long to figure him out, we'll be a while longer getting the slow learners on board.

Expat said...

IIRC it was when they lost Walter Cronkite …


Cujo359 said...

I believe it was Lyndon Johnson who lost Walter Cronkite. He, not Nixon, was the President in 1968.