Thursday, June 10, 2010

Screenshot Of The Day

From today's edition of Talking Points Memo:
Image credit: Screenshot of Talking Points Memo taken and cropped by Cujo359

Heckuva job, Rahmi. In eighteen months you and your boss managed to go from 60 percent positive to two-plus percent negative. You know, there might be a few supporters you haven't taken a dump on yet. Better get on that. Scarecrow made a list yesterday:

So let’s see. In just the last year, the White House has managed not merely to ignore and disappoint but often gone out of its way to mislead, lie to and betray liberals/progressives, labor unions, teachers, Hispanics, gays/lesbians, anti-war groups, dedicated environmentalists, respected pro-employment/pro-growth Nobel economists, climate scientists, financial reformers, defenders of Medicare and Social Security, mainstreet populists, civil liberties and women’s rights advocates, defenders of public interest regulation, alternative energy/efficiency supporters and even scarecrows.

“Effing Retarded” in Obama’s White House: How to Alienate Democrats

On second thought, that's just about everybody. Take the day off, instead.

No, I insist.

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