Thursday, June 24, 2010

A War Of The Roses?

Since my traveling partner Dana Hunter posted an article last night on the Portland Rose Garden, I thought I'd post a few of my pictures of it as well. From her article, you might get the feeling that there are only roses there. It's easy to think that, because this is what you see when you enter:
Image credit: all images by Cujo359

There are lots of different roses there. What I was amazed by was the range of colors in each rose. Here is one called the Shreveport:

This one is called "Dream Come True". It apparently won some sort of award a couple of years ago:

Here's one called Funkuhr, believe it or not:

But, there are plenty of other things to see there. For instance, there's Shakespeare's Garden, which has hedges and apparently makes visitors feel compelled to pick up litter:

Lady MacBeth would be proud.

There's a beautiful willow tree:

a fountain:

and every once in a while, you can catch a glimpse of the Portland skyline:

As Dana mentioned, there's also a gift shop, and there's a little snack bar nearby. Lots to do while someone is trying to decide which orange rose he likes best.

As always, click on the pictures to enlarge.

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Suzanne said...

gorgeous. thanks for the link to dana's site -- scurrying over to check it out.