Wednesday, June 23, 2010

They Never Learn

Image credit: Kristian D.

My real world self received this e-mail today from our state's governor, who was trying to raise support for Suzan Delbene, the party's latest chosen candidate to run for the Eighth Congressional District:

Like me, Suzan supported the passage of the health care reform bill because she fundamentally understands the financial strain our current system is placing on both large and small businesses in our state and on so many of our families.

I responded:

Unlike me, she clearly isn't capable of adding up those costs and strains. The health care bill put us at the mercy of insurance companies for our health care, and to add insult to injury, makes us either pay money we can't afford for insurance we can't use, or pay a penalty to the IRS. That Ms. Delbene doesn't understand what a lousy bill this is would seem to demonstrate that she'll be a lousy advocate for ordinary Americans.

Let her be the latest to lose to Dave Reichert. I have to save up my money to buy worthless insurance.

If you ever want this system to be made right, Democrats need to hear this from you, too. They need to hear it a lot. They seem to think that this health care bill is some kind of selling point for them. They're sadly mistaken.

Much as I'd love for someone who is at least nominally progressive to replace former law enforcement spokesmodel Dave Reichert, it's not going to happen this time. The Democrats have screwed that pooch big time, and they continue to screw it over and over again while looking quite pleased with themselves.


One Fly said...

Just thinking about the HCB pisses me off.

Cujo359 said...

You'd think they'd avoid mentioning it for that reason alone.

One Fly said...

Which leads me to believe they actually think they did something good. YIKES!

lawguy said...

In a discussion on FB today it was helpfully explaihned to me that HCB really, you know helps the middle class by apparently keeping non paying people out of the ERs, I guess.

It doesn't seem possible to argue with either an Obama supporter or a Teabagger. Facts are never allowed to get in the way of a belief.

Cujo359 said...

FB? Facebook? I'm not connecting with acronyms today. Nevertheless, there certainly are lots of people who can rationalize this stuff away, because they think that the bad stuff only happens to bad people.

They're complete fools, but they vote.