Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quote Of The Day

Rusty1776 sums up the state of American progressivism right now in a paragraph:
There are no heroes to be found, idealism is scorned, the Left doesn’t have the courage to get in the streets, endless surrender is portrayed as pragmatism by progressive “leaders”, campaigns are a pig circus, the economy is collapsing, and serfdom is the new normal. We’re told to vote for Democrats, we’re told to choose the lesser evil, we’re told we have no choice.

Dead Sand Ten Feet Deep
I added all those links. They're links to things I've written over the years. If you wonder why I don't write much on this subject lately, spend some time reading what I've written already. It's a depressing thing to contemplate, because there are so many people who still don't get it.

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