Monday, October 11, 2010

Could We Stop Beating Up The Furniture?

Another example of cluelessness in American politics is this ad by the Democratic National Committee:

How many people do they think are going to be influenced by this ad? Forget that The New York Times has disputed the extent of foreign influence in the Chamber of Commerce budget, and let's just focus on what's really important right now.

What's really important right now is that we have 17-plus percent under- and unemployment in this country, our health care system remains unreformed, the banks are getting away with foreclosing on just about anyone who has a mortgage, we are still hip-deep in two ruinous wars, and the Democrats are determined to not do a thing about any of that.

Like the lawyers say, when you have the law on your side, pound on the law. When the facts are on your side, pound on the facts, and when neither is on your side, pound on the table. That poor table must be splinters by now.


Anonymous said...

Cujo - I'll preface my remarks by complimenting you on another fine missive. And like you, I find many Republicans to be truly scary & ignorant critters!
But, do Obama and Company "get it"? This isn't their failure to communicate or the lack of effective public relations. The problem is that even poorly informed Americans realize that Healthcare and Wall Street "reform"(just to name two issues) are terrible pieces of legislation; and that Obama is little better than a corporate mouthpiece. At a visceral level, Americans realize that little of substance is being done, and that their options are very limited.

Cujo359 said...

That's the question, isn't it? I see no reason to believe that the Obama Administration doesn't understand why we're really dissatisfied. They could be in a bubble of their own making, of course. They also could know exactly what's going on with us, and not care.

At this point, I suspect the latter, because it's really hard to believe that they could have run a successful presidential campaign without knowing. That would mean that they have some clueless PR people doing these ads, but I think that's a description that fits the DNC just fine.