Monday, December 13, 2010

How's The Online Revolution Going?

Talking Points Memo writes:
Note: Amazon claims the outtage was due to internal problems, not hackers. We'll have details as available.

Everyone said they couldn't do it, but now Operation Payback has taken down Amazon.

For about half an hour, was down, according to SkyNews. German, French and Italian servers were also experiencing problems.

The pro-Wikileaks hackers had boasted they would take down Amazon last week, but nothing happened at the planned hour of attack. We were told in an email from Casaba Security that Amazon survived the attack because of its advanced infrastructure: "

Hactivists Take Down Amazon
I suspect that Amazon has had enough experience with script kiddies and ordinary criminals trying to take their site down for fun or profit that they're pretty well defended. Just to test, I did a query for Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder, and here's the result I saw:

Image credit: Screenshot by Cujo359

While I haven't bought anything, I've had no trouble navigating the site today.

Not only is attacking the online businesses like Amazon that have knuckled under to government pressure going to make them look like the victims here, but it will almost certainly prove ineffective. A software upgrade is far more likely to take down Amazon than any denial of service attack.

If you want to make a statement, I suggest doing a query like I did, then following the more sympathetic-appearing links. Then, go buy what you found somewhere else, and let Amazon know you did.

Lost business will be a far more effective means of persuasion.

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