Friday, December 10, 2010

Quote Of The Day

Eli, in an essay at FireDogLake:
I know I would be perfectly happy to stick to ridiculing stupid Republicans and media wankers, maybe post the occasional Muppet video, but it didn’t work out that way. We didn’t change our values just because a Democratic president moved into the White House, and unfortunately the executive branch didn’t either. Conflict was inevitable.

Progressives still believe in transparency, due process, rule of law, environmental protection, DADT repeal, marriage equality, choice, immigration reform, unions, Social Security, affordable universal health care, and the overarching principle of standing up for ordinary people against the rich and powerful. The White House… still doesn’t. Through a combination of compromise, incompetence, inaction, and deliberate embrace, Obama has ended up on the Republican side of every single one of these issues – and attacks and ridicules us for refusing to follow him there.

the Other War Without End
I can't think of anything to add. To any damn fool who wants to ask why I spend so much time knocking Obama and the Democrats, I'd like to say this is as good a description of my feelings as any, right down to the Muppets. Things don't magically become OK because George W. Bush isn't the one doing them anymore.

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