Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Photo(s)

For some reason that I just can't explain, I've always found railroad tracks eye catching. Maybe it's just those parallel lengths of steel cutting through the landscape, looking like they don't quite belong, but having obvious purpose.

Whatever the reason, I photograph them rather often. Here's a sampling.

These tracks are in Kirkland, Washington, a little north of the main drag through town. This is looking south:

Image credit: All photos by Cujo359

And this one is looking north:

It's a branch that services some of the industries in the area.

These tracks are along the shore of Puget Sound, near Saltwater Park in Shoreline, Washington. There are two mainlines, where the Sounder commuter train and a bunch of Burlington Northern Sante Fe trains run daily. This is looking to the north, toward Lynnwood and Everett:

and this is toward the south, and Seattle:

These are some disused tracks that are now mostly used by the The Northwest Railway Museum in Snoqualmie, Washington. They have a bit of clutter on them, but they're still interesting:

This is a main line and siding along the Columbia Gorge, about an hour or so east of Portland:

It seems like a lot of trains run along the shore up here. This one's near Astoria, Oregon:

So, yes, I've seen a lot of track in my travels, and a few trains, too. But that's for another Sunday.

Click on the pictures to enlarge, and have a good Sunday.

UPDATE: Corrected the name of the railroad museum, and added a link. I have some more pictures of the outside exhibits of that museum in an earlier article.


george.w said...

Neato pictures!

Is that a bike path near the tracks in Astoria, Oregon?

Cujo359 said...

I seem to remember seeing bicycles on it. It's one of those multi-use paths - walkers, joggers, skaters, etc., use it.

One Fly said...

I like the last one-if only the cars weren't there.

Cujo359 said...

That might be a mercy, One Fly. At least they block our view of that hotel.