Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Photo(s)

A couple of weeks ago, I visited the Seattle Aquarium. I thought I'd start with a few exterior shots of the building, since my camera isn't so good at interior ones. This a the Aquarium from Pier 62, which is the next pier north:
Image credit: All photos by Cujo359

Here's a photo of it from the Pike Place Market, where we stopped for lunch:

That's Elliot Bay and Alki Point in the background.

Before we entered the Aquarium, we passed by this "exhibit":

Yummy!. Like the sign says, this is what happens when people dispose of trash improperly too near the shoreline. It's good that the city leaves this reminder for people.

Just past that exhibit is the entrance, with a little bit of the midtown Seattle skyline in the background:

Once inside, this is the first exhibit that's visible in the lobby:

It's a picture window into one of the main tanks. There are dozens of different kinds of fish in there.

Which is probably a good place to leave it for now. Dana Hunter has lots of pictures at her blog of the inside of the Aquarium. I'll be posting more later, but for now, have a good Sunday.


Suzanne said...

more please -- i am so gonna have to make it up there one of these days to see that aquarium.

Cujo359 said...

More coming, promise. I haven't finished going through all the photos, to tell you the truth. Most are either fuzzy or dark. Some are both. Nevertheless, there are enough good critter shots for at least one article, probably two.

Let us know when you're headed up this way.