Monday, February 18, 2008

More Unethical Secrecy

Image credit: UNHCR

Over at Pacific Views, Mary wrote an interesting article about how all those refugees came to be, thanks to the Bush Administration's lack of interest in planning:

This week it was revealed that the Army had suppressed a RAND study that explored the faulty post-invasion planning. Truly, it was not hard to see that this administration cared nothing about the post-invasion of Iraq. Because according to their fantasies, the Iraqis would throw flowers on the American troops and joyfully accept the neo-conservative free market make-over envisioned by Paul Bremer as he and the Heritage kids reshaped their country to be a case-study of how effective the free-market ideology is at creating perfect human environments.

Too bad that reality and human beings got in the way of their magic kingdom.

Iraqis Continue to Pay and Pay and Pay for Bush's War of Choice

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It's certainly no surprise to me that they didn't make any plans. Rumsfeld's famous threat to fire the next general who tried to discuss the occupation of Iraq is proof both that the Bushies didn't want to hear about it, and that the Pentagon knew better. Given the Bushies' obsession with controlling the news, which once again seems to have walked right up to the line of legality, this news about the RAND study isn't surprising, either.

Now, as Mary relates, the Iraqis are paying the price for this folly. At least, they are for now. The world is a lot flatter than it used to be.

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