Saturday, February 16, 2008

Obama Pulls Ahead

In the last few days, Pollster's composite poll ratings have changed to show Barack Obama in the lead nationally. If I'm reading this thing correctly (and Pollster, could you guys please try to avoid putting yellow type on a white background?) Obama is ahead of Hillary Clinton by 0.8% - 46.8% to 46.0%. As you can see, Clinton's gained a bit of support as well. Given the timing, I'd guess that was mostly due to former Edwards supporters, some of whom clearly went to Obama as well.

The main thing I take from this is that at the moment, we're about evenly divided, and that there are very few undecideds left out there. Clearly, the make up less than 7.2 percent of the Democratic voters. That's to be expected - almost half of the primaries have already happened, and most of the remaining ones will happen in the next couple of months. That leaves voters little time to make up their minds.

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