Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cures For The Blahs

A gray seagull on a gray day. Does it get more depressing than that? Image credit: Cujo359

Elsewhere in the lefty "blogosphere", they're arguing about who's fault it is that Florida and Michigan won't be represented at the Democratic Convention. My vote goes to the DNC, but who cares, really? Just people who live in those states, and people who have a stake in whether they have an election or not.

They're also arguing about superdelegates. I answered that one already.

I'm done reading political blogs for a while. Maybe for the next eight months.

If you want to cry, read Hope.

If you want to laugh read Watertiger.

If you want to solve a puzzle, read "How Stupid Is Chris Matthews?" and answer the question. That should keep you going until the convention, at least.

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