Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hardin Smith On Patriotism

The Magna Carta, from a page on citizenship at the UK National Archives

If there's one reason I visit Firedoglake, it's to read what Christy Hardin Smith has to say. She has a clear, analytical writing style that most of us would do well to emulate. Today, she reprinted her speech at the Take Back America conference. She concludes:

Giving up our civil liberties does not make us more safe. It simply makes us less free. And if we hand over everything it is to be an American -- our core values to be sacrificed on the alter of consolidation of power in a false trade for a trumped up version of temporary peace of mind...until the next time we are asked to give up a little more liberty, and so on and so on...then we have already lost. We must all, every day, stand up for liberty, for our laws, and for the freedoms so hard won by so many generations who stood tall in the face of tyranny and threats in the past. We owe that to our forbears and to all the generations that follow ours.

It is up to all of us. Every single day. Being a citizen ought to be something that all of us DO.

Being A Citizen Is Something That You DO

The people I respect most are the ones best able to put this thought into action. It's not just about working for a political party or voting. It's about doing whatever you can to make your neighborhood, country, or world a better place. Free people can choose how best to do that.

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